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Restaurant design: dinner at home

These are times to really show off our cooking and hosting skills. Eating out might have become a habit of ours, but a dinner at home can be great fun as well. It starts with the anticipation; what’s on the menu? Do we cook it ourselves or do we call in a chef? How do we set the table?

There is a strict division of labour at our home. We come up with the menu together, then assign the task of doing the groceries to one of us while our personal chef cooks and our stylist sets the table. There is no need for complicated dishes; the presentation will work wonders.

How much fun is it to experiment with the food presentation yourself? The answer is ‘a lot’!
Get inspired by the works of top chefs, or take a look at our Pinterest page under Food Styling. Do you have kids? Children also enjoy cooking and styling the table. That is because eating what they have made themselves tastes much better ; ). What’s more, kids are pros at folding napkins.

Keep in mind that the chef also needs to be able to eat in peace, so do not stress them out too much during dinner. Pick dishes you can prepare in advance, use your oven and clean up as you go. Culy has some tasty dishes available. Invest in a good basis for a tastefully set table, such as beautiful tableware and a collection of table linen. Various accessories allow you to create a new look every time.

The next dinner will be at our friends’ house, and we are certainly looking forward to it!

Dinner at home; we can see it being a lasting trend.
Enjoy each other’s company and the good food!

P.S. Cottona has an extensive collection of tablecloths, table runners, placemats and napkins. You can also order a custom tablecloth online and have it delivered to you within a few days.

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