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Table linens – craftsmanship through and through

Linen is the classic table linen material. I have written before about my personal preference for this fabric. I love all fabrics, but if I had to choose one, it would be linen. Table linen is easy to care for. Let it dry outside and, as far as I’m concerned, spread it on the table without ironing. Table linens from Cottona come in two qualities: natural linen and hotel-quality linen. Continue reading

snacks recipes
Tablecloth: glamour collection of Cottona, Photo: Tom Nooijen.

Special snacks recipes for festive December evenings

Snacks recipes are too rare. Anyone can cut up some cheese and sausage and throw a good bitterbal into the deep fryer. You sometimes come across a lonely wrap with salmon at a party. But unfortunately it often does not get any more festive than that.

Can snacks for a party – next to being easy – also be delicious? I think so! I give you inspiration this month for festive snacks that are quick to make and taste terrific, including wine tips. From a quirky sushi without fish to a crunchy bruschetta with mushrooms or asparagus and lovely, creamy burrata. Use it as inspiration and leave the cheese and sausage in the refrigerator at your next party.


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