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Inspiration table decoration Maison et Object Cottona

Table decoration inspiration – Visit to Maison et object Paris exhibition

Finally, after 2 years, we were able to go to Maison et Object. The most fantastic exhibition when it comes to table decoration, and, a great reason to go to my beloved France. I get so much energy from a day at such an exhibition, from all the people and all the beautiful table decorations for the home. Purchasing is a little tricky this year compared to previous years. Besides the obvious price inflation (due to raw material and transport costs rising) there has also been fewer products developed. Less stock is being produced and that causes longer delivery times. All this aside, we have managed to find a few jewels at the exhibition.

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dinner at home

Restaurant design: dinner at home

These are times to really show off our cooking and hosting skills. Eating out might have become a habit of ours, but a dinner at home can be great fun as well. It starts with the anticipation; what’s on the menu? Do we cook it ourselves or do we call in a chef? How do we set the table?

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table linens

Table linens – craftsmanship through and through

Linen is the classic table linen material. I have written before about my personal preference for this fabric. I love all fabrics, but if I had to choose one, it would be linen. Table linen is easy to care for. Let it dry outside and, as far as I’m concerned, spread it on the table without ironing. Table linens from Cottona come in two qualities: natural linen and hotel-quality linen. Continue reading