Christmas table 2016 – Style inspiration

Setting the Christmas table. Have you already thought about it? I have of course, but that’s logical. On the other hand, I have no idea, for example, about what I’m going to cook, and most of our blog readers will already have a plan worked out for that. I am pleased to show you some different styles for setting your Christmas table in style. And for fine recipes for tasty Christmas dishes, I will stick to recommendations. 😉 Continue reading

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration at home – Deck the halls, the living room…everything!

It’s time again: Christmas at home. I enjoy dressing up our house for the festive December month with lots of Christmas decoration. The foundation of the Christmas atmosphere in our house is my trunk full of treasured Christmas decorations, a fine tablecloth from our Christmas collection, supplemented with fresh greens and new styling elements. Continue reading

Custom tablecloth

Custom tablecloth – inspiring examples in table styling

Customization. In interiors, it is nearly always a given. Of course for your new table you can choose the shape, type of wood and legs yourself. But what about when you are looking for a tablecloth for that beautiful round, oval, square or extra-long table? Then the selection is very limited, and round and oval cloths are impossible to find. Thanks to our own studio, we have been offering custom tablecloths since 2009. These are quickly and expertly made by the people in our own studio, from fabrics that we have in inventory. We often see lovely photos afterwards in our guestbook of beautifully styled tables with our custom cloths as a radiant centre point. We have chosen a few to show, by way of inspiration. Come see? Continue reading

black and white interior

Black and white interior: inspiration from the Dutch Design Week

A black and white interior boring? Business-like? Certainly not! My revelation came at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven last week. Man, we can be proud of all the beautiful things that the Netherlands has to offer in the area of design. And yes, you can create that atmosphere at home. Continue reading

washing tips

Washing tips – Remove spots from table linens

Need to remove spots from your tablecloth? In this post you will find useful washing tips. We all have spills sometimes. A cosy evening is usually never 100% spotless. A glass gets tipped over, someone spills when serving up. How do you remove the spots from your beautiful linens? And how do you ensure that your tablecloth is again free of spots and wrinkles, shining on your table during the next dinner? This post gives a few indispensable tips for removing spots and neatly storing your table linens. They might come in handy after your brunch or dinner. Continue reading