Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration at home – Deck the halls, the living room…everything!

It’s time again: Christmas at home. I enjoy dressing up our house for the festive December month with lots of Christmas decoration. The foundation of the Christmas atmosphere in our house is my trunk full of treasured Christmas decorations, a fine tablecloth from our Christmas collection, supplemented with fresh greens and new styling elements.

My tip: certainly do not limit yourself to just styling the (Christmas) table, but do coordinate your decorations. You thus create unity in style and colour. On our table, we use this cloth from our glamour collection. I style it in a subdued way, with lots of fresh green, some copper accents and black. The whole house participates: a wreath on the front door (we have an old-fashioned door, so there ought to be a wreath on it), fresh mistletoe in the entry and a fresh bouquet of eucalyptus for instant Christmas scent, a large platter with votives on the dresser or table. And I can always count on the creativity of the children. They bring the most beautiful craftworks home every year. Those of course completely destroy my careful styling, but at the same time they are the most treasured things of all.

Wishing you a great deal of holiday pleasure! We will surprise you this month with more inspiration about Christmas decoration at home. And have you already seen our digital Christmas magazine?

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