black and white interior

Black and white interior: inspiration from the Dutch Design Week

A black and white interior boring? Business-like? Certainly not! My revelation came at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven last week. Man, we can be proud of all the beautiful things that the Netherlands has to offer in the area of design. And yes, you can create that atmosphere at home.

Black and white interior

I saw a lot of black and white interiors at the Eindhoven Kazerne, an exhibition restaurant and recommended by the New York Times. The white napkins on the black tables, loosely draped… I found them to be little works of art by themselves. At home, I am certainly going to start using this, for example with a black tablecloth and white napkins. When you complement a black and white interior with, for example, copper or wood, you create a lively atmosphere at the table with natural materials. I saw the Partition table by Zoé Costes at Zoé Costes’ graduation show. Simple, sleek table with an invisible storage area for your table settings under the table top. The pans by Mauviel I spotted at Piet Hein Eek. I am a fan of these kinds of brands, with a strong focus that makes no concessions on quality. Fits perfectly with the copper interior trend.

These kinds of days, when I can just be around and enjoy beautiful design and inspiring young talent, are real visual restoration moments for me. I immerse myself completely for a few hours in design, colour and styling and come home completely refreshed and totally happy. A bit like a spa day, but then for design lovers.

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