outdoor jacquard

NEW: Outdoor Jacquard, luxury garden tablecloth

Cottona has had an Outdoor Dralon fabric in its collection for more than 10 years, available in plain and stripes. This year we have a new luxury fabric for outdoor use: Outdoor Jacquard. This fabric has the same properties as Cottona’s Outdoor Dralon; UV and weather resistant with Teflon treated. However, the appearance of Outdoor Jacquard is much richer, the fabric is somewhat thicker and the jacquard weave creates a subtle shine.

Outdoor jacquard with exclusive flower design

Cottona has wanted to include a floral design to the Outdoor collection for a long time. The standard designs available did not suffice. The new stylized floral design is exclusively designed for Cottona, and has been inspired by nature.

Such a design process is a fun and exciting process. We reviewed various floral designs. Designs with differences in details (realistic or stylized flowers) and also different flower types. It was a challenge to develop a design that is timeless and not specifically suited to just one living style. A design with a rose for example, is quickly too romantic or classic for a style full or modern design interior taste. Cottona is the market leader in customization, and for this reason, the fabric has been made 310 cm wide! (unique in Europe) It has been woven so that all sizes and shapes of tablecloths can be made to measure. This meant that the design had to be ‘allover’ and equally beautiful from all directions.

Outdoor jacquard weaving

Once we had chosen the design, the next step was to determine the correct size of the pattern. We did this by printing the design on paper templates and placing them on the table as a tablecloth, table runner and a place mat. After approval, the digital file goes to our home weaving mill. We chose to use two colors of thread for the Outdoor Jacquard. A basic natural shade combined with one color; a green tint, Flower-Olive, and a natural shade, Flowers-Walnut. Because the two colors of thread are woven together, we could not predict exactly on screen how the actual fabric would look.
But what a beauty this has become! The reactions are so positive that next year we will expand this collection with new matching colors.

Setting the table with outdoor jacquard

The fabric is available in two natural tones; Flowers-Olive and Flowers-Walnut. These two shades promote the experience of the outdoors at the table and blend beautifully with the green environment. Do not expect bright colors and contrasts in the Outdoor Jacquard collection from Cottona, but a chic subtle color palette. Tableware in calm natural tones combine perfectly together. You can adapt the tableware and table styling to your living style; Trendy, minimalist, classic or rural.outdoor jacquard

outdoor jacquard


outdoor jacquard


outdoor jacquard

outdoor jacquard

Matching Outdoor Jacquard decorative cushions

You can style your terrace, conservatory or dining room with matching decorative cushions. Cottona’s cushions have elegant piping with a luxurious finish and are made in our own workshop. The cushions are available in 4 sizes; 50x50cm, 40x60cm, 30x45cm and 39x39x2cm.
The jacquard decorative cushions have a zipper, the supplied fillings can be easily removed and the covers are easily washable. Guaranteed years of enjoyment from these beautiful luxury jacquard cushions.outdoor jacquard


outdoor jacquardoutdoor jacquard

Have fun with the styling of this very versatile rich fabric. We predict that this will be a new classic in the Cottona collection 😉

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