Camel table cloth

Colour trend 2022: Camel tablecloth hip styled

Camel is the fashion and interior color of the moment. We at Cottona love the timeless classic colors. Camel is one of them. At Cottona this color should therefore not be missing from our collection. Camel tablecloths, camel napkins and camel place mats are now available at Cottona. Camel is a classic versatile color that can easily be styled. Get inspired by this post.

You’ll find the camel color everywhere this season. It is a chic warm color that is easy to combine. Not only in fashion, but also on the table!

Camel tablecloth tone-on-tone.

Combine a camel tablecloth with sand, taupe or grey-brown napkins and cognac leather place mats for a beautiful tone-on-tone effect.

Camel table cloth

Camel tablecloth with pastel shades.

Combine a camel tablecloth with soft pastel shades of jade green, old pink or light grey. Spotted on the catwalk but also really beautiful on the table.

Camel table cloth

Camel tablecloth with bright colors

Combine a camel tablecloth with bright colors; royal blue, burgundy purple or green for a modern twist.

Camel table cloth

Camel tablecloth with golden accessories

Combine a camel tablecloth and camel-colored napkins with gold table accessories, gold-colored cutlery, gold candlesticks and gold table decorations for a luxuriously warm look.

Camel table cloth

A camel tablecloth, we love it! A versatile must-have for your linen closet. A classic color that can be used all year round. Beautifully styled in spring with pastel shades and also chic for the  Christmas table in combination with golden accessories.

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