Decorative garden cushions

Garden party? Beautiful garden table cloth with matching decorative garden cushions. For extra atmosphere and comfort

You probably already knew that you can bring atmosphere to the garden table with Cottona. Cottona has been the go to address for customized tablecloths for more than 14 years. They also make customized garden tablecloths for your garden table. New this season, matching decorative garden cushions, outdoor decorative cushions and garden chair cushions. With Cottona, garden parties are even more style full and comfortable.

Custom garden tablecloth

Outdoor tables are also available in all shapes and sizes. Then you need to try and find a suitable tablecloth for outside. At Cottona you are guaranteed to succeed. The collection of garden tablecloths consists of 9 different colours. A beautiful garden tablecloth is a tablecloth that not only looks good but it is also UV and weather resistant. The outdoor table cloths from the Cottona outdoor collection are just that. An outdoor table cloth from Cottona is made of 100% Dralon®. The fabric does not have a plastic or wax look, but the look of a cotton tablecloth. If your garden table has a different shape or size, you can easily order a made to measure outdoor table cloth using the online web shop.

Garden tablecloth


Garden table cloth and garden chair cushion for outside

Garden tablecloth

Garden tablecloth Teflon

Decorative cushion for outside

Matching decorative garden cushions

Due to the high demand from our customers, Cottona has developed a new cushion line for outdoor use. The series consists of three decorative cushion sizes, 50×50 cm, 40×60 , 30x45cm. Plus a seat cushion 39x39x2cm. Available in the same 9 colours as the garden tablecloth. The decorative garden cushions are made in our own atelier and are luxuriously finished with elegant piping.

A decorative cushion for outside should not only look beautiful, they must also be UV and weather resistant. Cottona garden cushions are made of 100% Dralon®. This fabric can withstand a rain shower and does not fade in the sun! Guaranteed years of enjoyment from these beautiful garden cushions. The different sizes and colors are easy to mix & match.

Decorative cushions for outside

Outdoor cushions for lounge sofa

Matching outdoor seat cushions

Cottona has also developed a seat cushion for outdoor use. Providing more seating comfort in wooden and metal garden chairs. The cushions have a universal format, 39x39x2cm. The cushion is not only decorative, the seat cushion for garden sofa’s and garden chairs are also very comfortable. Great for extra long outdoor dining!

The outdoor seating cushions from Cottona are suitable for many wooden, plastic and metal garden furniture. This includes Fermob Luxembourg garden chairs, and Emu garden chairs.

Fermob Luxembourg seat cushion

Fermob Luxembourg with outdoor seat cushion from Cottona. Washable and usable on both sides







Emu Star seat cushion

Seat cushions from Cottona. Washable and usable on both sides

You can make your conservatory and outdoor terrace extra attractive this summer with the garden tablecloths and garden cushions from Cottona.

We are looking forward to a beautiful summer!

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