Easter table 2023

Easter table 2023: cheerfulness on the table with yellow, green and chicks

Cottona’s Easter table 2023 looks so cheerful this year! For the base we have used a tablecloth from the Oudoor collection by Cottona; stripe yellow. This tablecloth is ideally suited for outdoor use, it is UV resistant and the fabric does not fade in the sun. Plus, look how pretty and cheerful this stripe is on the dining room table?

We have combined the tablecloth with Easter green, mini daffodils, moss, Easter branches and yellow tulips. The green colors reflect back in the (imitation) leather dark green place mats. This is the new trending color in the Cottona collection. The place mats are double sided so they can be used on both sides and they can be washed off with a damp cloth. As a result, not only do they look great, they are practical too making them very suitable for daily use. After Easter, the place mats can be combined very well with natural or red tones.

With the napkins from the linen collection oyster, we make a nest with a delicious freshly boiled egg.

We then place the cute Easter chicks across the table in funny arrangements, hidden under a napkin or between the Easter greenery.

easter table 2023

Easter table 2023

Doesn’t this instantly make you happy? We are already looking forward to Easter.



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