Cotton, damask or linen napkins Beautiful and tasteful!
  • Cotton napkins

    For us a laid table is only complete if all the 'software' is compatible. The napkins in our cotton collection are available in all of the colours in this collection and match the Cottona tablecloths, tablerunner and placemats perfectly. Can also be mixed and matched!  more...
    Cotton napkins To collection

    - For everyday use
    - Easy to iron
    - 100% cotton
    - Washable at 40˚ C
    - 20 colours
    - Sets of 2, 4 and 6

    Price: £12.65 per set of 2

  • Linen napkins

    Linen napkins are an asset to every table. Our excellent quality hotel linen napkins give your table a stylish appearance and are a must in combination with your linen tablecloth or table runner. Available in all the colours in our linen collection. Make a unique mix and match combination or choose a stylish monochrome scheme. more...
    Linen napkins To collection

    - Very high hotel quality
    - Durable product
    - 52% linen, 48% cotton
    - Washable at 95˚C
    - 7 colours
    - Sets of 2, 4 and 6

    Price: £17.50 per set of 2

  • Natural linen napkins

    A natural linen napkin is not only beautiful to look at, it is also great to use. This linen is a natural product which is evident from its look and feel.  more...
    Natural linen napkins To collection

    - Pure nature
    - Ecological product
    - 100% linen
    - Washable at 40˚ C
    - Natural flax colour, undyed
    - Sets of 2, 4 and 6

    Price: £19.95 per set of 2

  • Damask napkins

    Are you crazy about damask too? Give the finishing touch to your table decorations with our damask napkins. All napkins are available in the same fabric as your tablecloth or table runner. Choose matching prints or mix and match solid colours with prints. more...
    Damask napkins To collection

    - Design classic
    - 100% cotton
    - Washable at 60˚C
    - 4 designs, Classic, Paisley, 
      Stripes, Ikat and plain
    - Plain and Classic also in Cream
    - Sets of 2, 4 and 6

    Price: £13.50 per set of 2

  • Napkins Glamour Collection

    Are you ready to party? Then choose the napkins in our glamour collection.  No over-the-top bling but instead beautiful, celebratory, glossy fabric. An asset to every table. Available in all of the colours in this collection. So do you have a dinner party coming up? Then shine with our glamour collection! more...
    Napkins Glamour Collection To collection

    - Stylish chic
    - Rich shine
    - 65% cotton, 35% polyester
    - Washable at 40˚ C
    - 5 colours
    - Sets of 2, 4 and 6

    Price: £16.50 per set of 2