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Here you will find a summary of the most frequently asked questions along with our answers. If you have a question that is not on the list, feel free to ask us at customerservice@cottona.co.uk

  • Are the tablecloths also sold in shops? 
    No, Cottona's products are only available through the Cottona webshops.
  • How are Cottona products finished?
    All rectangular and square tablecloths and table runners are finished with a luxurious 3cm mitred seam. That's a double fold with mitred corners. Round and oval tablecloths and napkins are finished with a standard 1cm seam.
  • How can I determine the correct size of tablecloth or table runner?
    We recommend an overhang of 20 to 30 cm. The bigger the table, the more beautiful a generous overhang is. When determining the size, remember to take fabric shrinkage into account. If you are unsure about the ideal size for your table, send an email to: customerservice@cottona.co.uk
  • Can I have a bespoke tablecloth or table runner made?
    Yes you can. And you can order any shape and size you like online, including square, round and oval. Choose your preferred collection under the header 'bespoke' or click here to go straight to the bespoke overview.
  • How should I wash Cottona products?
    - Sort the laundry according to colour and the care instructions
    - Fill the washing machine drum so it is half full
    - Use the delicate cycle
    - Preferably use liquid detergent
    - Wash for as short a time as possible on the lowest possible temperature for the best colour retention
  • Do the tablecloths and table runners shrink in the wash?
    Yes, table textiles may shrink in the wash. The amount of shrinkage depends on the composition of the fabric. When choosing the right size, you need to take the shrinkage percentage into account.

    The expected shrinkage percentages are as follows:
    Cotton collection: 2-4%
    Linen collection: width 1-3%, length 3-6%
    Damask collection: 3-7%
    Glamour collection: 1-3%
    Natural linen: width 1-3%, length 6-10%
    Outdoor collection: 1-3%
  • I would like to order another product in the same colour, is that possible?
    Yes you can. You do need to consider that there may be a slight variation in colour compared to your previous order. We recommend that, whenever possible, you order all your items at the same time. We always ensure that a complete order is made from the same batch of dye.
  • How do I know that my order has been sent?
    Your order has been sent when you receive an email confirming delivery.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Standard sizes are sent within 2 working days of receiving payment. Custom items are sent within 3 working days of receiving payment. Our courier will then deliver your order within 3 working days.
  • What happens if I am not at home when my order is delivered?
    If you are not at home, our courier will try to deliver to parcel the next day. If you are not at home on the second day, you can pick up your parcel at a pick-up point in your area. 
  • What do I do if the width of a table protector (140cm) is insufficient for a certain table?
    The width of our table protector is sometimes not enough to cover large round or square tables. But that's not a problem because you can order multiple table protectors which you can then place side by side.
  • How accurately can Cottona's table cloths be custom-made?
    Very accurately! However, because we are dealing with textile products that are mostly made of natural fibers and react to external factors such as humidity and temperature, the delivered sizes can always differ slightly from the size ordered. The difference will be minimal and never more than 2.5%.