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Our online tablecloths collection
Gorgeous colours, Beautiful fabrics, Endless combinations.
  • Cotton collection

    A beautifully laid table makes the food more delicious, the company better and the conversation livelier. At least, that's what we believe. That is why we love to spend time and attention decorating the table. Our cotton collection is made from the best quality cotton. Available more...
    Cotton collection To collection
    - For everyday use
    - Easy to iron
    - 100% cotton
    - Washable at 40˚ C
    - 20 colours
    - 12 standard sizes
    - Bespoke also available 
    - Fabric per metre also available

    From: £24.95
  • Linen collection

    The collection of table linen by Cottona.co.uk is made from excellent quality hotel linen. The linen tablecloths, linen table runners and linen napkins are available in eight beautiful natural colours. They are machine washable at 95 degrees and made from 52% linen and 48% more...
    Linen collection To collection
    - Very high hotel quality
    - Durable product
    - 52% linen, 48% cotton
    - Washable at 95˚ C
    - 7 colours
    - 12 standard sizes
    - Bespoke also available 
    - Fabric per metre also available

    From: £32.95
  • Damask collection

    Sit up straight. Pinky out when taking a sip. Napkin on your lap. With our beautiful damask tablecloths with woven designs, suddenly everyone is an expert in table etiquette. You have a choice between three luxuriously woven designs and a plain damask that is easy to combine more...
    Damask collection To collection
    - Design classic
    - 100% cotton
    - Washable at 60˚C
    - 4 designs, Classic, Paisley, 
      Stripes, Ikat and plain
    - Plain and Classic also in Cream
    - 12 standard sizes
    - Bespoke also available 
    - Fabric per metre also available

    From: £27.95
  • Glamour collection

    A party. Time to impress and charm. A touch of glamour at the table with a chic tablecloth in the colours silver, gold, onyx, bronze or ivory. Cottona's Glamour Collection will surprise you with rich fabrics and a shiny finish. For this collection the aim is not to overdo it, more...
    Glamour collection To collection
    - Stylish chic
    - Rich shine
    - 65% cotton, 35% polyester
    - Washable at 40˚ C
    - 9 colours
    - 12 standard sizes
    - Bespoke also available
    - Fabric per metre also available

    From: £32.95
  • Natural linen

    When you choose natural linen you are choosing a 100% natural product. This fabric is made from excellent quality linen and has a pure and natural appearance. This durable product has a distinctive flax colour and is unbleached and dye-free. Warning: Small irregularities in the more...
    Natural linen To collection
    - Pure nature
    - Ecological product
    - 100% linen
    - Washable at 40˚ C
    - Natural flax colour, undyed
    - 12 standard sizes
    - Bespoke also available 
    - Fabric per metre also available

    From: £36.95
  • Outdoor collection

    Our outdoor collection consists of 100% Dralon® outdoor tablecloths and table runners. However, the fabric still has a natural look. Because we want to avoid discolouration of our outdoor tablecloths, the fabric is UV-protected and weatherproof Also, the outdoor tablecloths have more...
    Outdoor collection To collection
    - Ideal for outdoor use
    - UV-resistant and weatherproof
    - With Teflon coating
    - Beautiful appearance
      (not tarp or PVC)
    - 7 colours
    - 12 standard sizes
    - Bespoke also available
    - Fabric per metre also available

    From: £27.95
  • Aprons and half aprons

    Our aprons and half aprons are made from excellent quality hotel linen (the same quality as our linen tablecloths). They are tough, functional and available in seven beautiful natural colours. Each apron is washable up to 95˚C.  With the half apron you can choose between two more...
    Aprons and half aprons To collection
    - Luxurious aprons and half aprons
    - Large size
    - Two large pockets
    - Extra long ties
    - Durable product
    - 52% linen, 48% cotton
    - Washable at 95˚C
    - 7 natural colours

    From: £29.95
  • Table protector

    Beautiful things need to be treated with care. That is why the Cottona table protector is a revelation. The table protector is a modern alternative to a table cover. You trim the material to size, place it under your tablecloth and voilà....the table is protected against heat, more...
    Table protector To collection
    - protects your table against
      heat, bumps and scratches
    - Invisible protection
    - The best quality
    - Practical
    - Washable
    - Easy to cut to size
    - 100% PVC

    From: £5.75
  • Napkin rings

    Cotton's napkin rings are cool, timeless and stylish. Choose napkin rings in rosewood or stone for a natural look, the nickel or brass napkin rings as a glistening eye-catcher. It's easy to buy napkin rings online at Cottona.co.uk. Delivered within 4 days! more...
    Napkin rings To collection

    - Elegant accessory
    - Nickel silver colour
    - Brass gold colour
    - Stone, natural and grey
    - Rosewood

    From: £4.50 per set

  • Round jute placemats

    You don't always need a tablecloth for an inviting table. With our round, jute placemats, you can create a beautiful styled table in an instant. The placemats are made from 100% jute and feature a subtle woven pattern. These Cottona placemats will give you a quick style makeover! more...
    Round jute placemats To collection

    - Decorative
    - Clean with a
      damp cloth
    - 100% jute
    - 35 cm ø
    - 2 colours, natural and black

    From: £16.95 per set

  • (imitation) Leather Placemats

    The warm, rugged look at its best! These (imitation) leather placemats are not only a real eyecatcher on your table but are very easy to clean as well with a damp cloth. Therefor ideal for restaurants and lunchrooms, but of course also handy at home. Versatile in use if you go more...
    (imitation) Leather Placemats To collection

    - Rugged look 
    - Double sided use 
    - Practical, washable 
    - (imitation) leather 
    - 33 x 46 cm
    - 5 modern colours 

    From: £16.95 per set