Terracotta tablecloth

Spring festival with a Terracotta tablecloth

In the Netherlands a spring festival is still relatively unknown, but our southern neighbors are big fans of it, as are we. This spring we are covering the spring table with a Terracotta tablecloth. The spring festival is a celebration for children between the ages of 6 and 12. It is used as a substitute for the communion. An intimate party, a party with meaning and a moment of reflection.

The children recite either a reading, a song, a dance or a poem. Parents talk about what they have learned from their child. It is a party where you as parents consciously think about what you think is important for your child. After the ‘official part’ it is time for presents, good food and a party. This year we have chosen a spring table with a linen Terracotta tablecloth as the basis.

Terracotta is all the rage this year. We are seeing this colour in all the interior magazines, on the wall’s, in home accessories and on the table. Terracotta matches beautifully with all kinds of clay and grey tones but you can also create some wonderful combinations with bright orange, dark browns and creamy whites. This Terracotta tablecloth is not only very beautiful but also very practical as it can be washed at 95 degrees. Do you love a more casual linen look like we do? Then after washing you can just leave you tablecloth, slightly damp, over the table to dry and voila the table styling can begin.

Of course by a spring party there needs to be a spring table. Decorative flowers or branches of yellow primrose leaves insure an instant spring feel and bring a wonderful scent into your home, earth made  crockery in natural colours with recycled glass wear make a great combination. Finishing off by using placemats made from jute or bamboo.

Are you still looking for a fun indoor activity? With this theme you could think about painting terracotta pots 😉  Fun for all ages, On Pinterest you can find lots of inspiration. After all the food, we can enjoy the nature and take a nice walk.

Spring party, an intimate party, safe at home, time to reflect on your child’s development. Something to look forward to, and paying attention to one and other. As far as we are concerned, even if you don’t have children ages 6 to 12, everyone can celebrate spring with a spring party.


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