large tablecloth

XXL Christmas dinner? You can also order a large tablecloth from Cottona online!

You have a large round, oval or rectangular dining table but can’t seem to find a nice large tablecloth anywhere? Does that sound familiar? This hassle was at the heart of what led to the launch of Cottona in 2009. Cottona was born from their own personal needs (and that notion is something that more people will undoubtedly have) and a passion for fabrics and table textiles. Since then, tables are being set all over the world with (large) Cottona tablecloths. In both the consumer and the business markets.

Cottona sends custom-made tablecloths to the most idyllic places on earth. In beautiful resorts, restaurants, boats and homes, people enjoy stylishly decorated tables with table linen from Cottona. Our customer service department sometimes jokes that they would prefer to deliver an order in person 😉

You can simply order a round, oval or extra- large tablecloth online. The tablecloths are available in 6 fabric selections and 60 colours. We make custom-made tablecloths in our own workshop and within two working days your order will be on its way.

Setting your round, oval or very large Christmas table turns into a party with Cottona.
Though perhaps it might be slightly difficult to choose from 60 colours 😉

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