polyester tablecloth

NEW FABRIC: Linen look polyester tablecloth

Cottona has been around already for a good 10 years. From day one we have been making table linen from cotton and from linen, beautiful natural materials that will always have the lead role in our collection. In recent year, we have had many enquiries and demand for a good quality polyester tablecloth, due to the great practical properties. Polyester lasts a long time, its easy to iron and it is resistant to sunlight.

After searching at many business fairs and at waving mills, we met amazing people, but still did not find the product that was right for the demand. The fabric was too synthetic(static, sticky) or too slippery (slips off the table) or it just looked too cheap. An ugly shine, old fashion colours, didn’t feel right, etc. The was always something that stopped us. Until last January a weaving mill contacted us and asked; could this be something for you? Yes! This is what we have been looking for!

Finally a luxurious polyester tablecloth that looks like linen. This fabric is woven coarsely with two colours of thread. Due to the weight (215gram per m2), the linen look polyester tablecloth stays perfectly on the table. We have this collection available in six modern shades that match perfectly with our cotton and linen collections. Available at Cottona in 15 standard sizes and in customised sizes (order directly online)

The photoshoot was a party with this photogenic fabric.

Polyester table cloth.

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