Custom tablecloth

Custom tablecloth: new damask designs!

With the holidays just around the corner, a beautifully set table is a surefire way to create ambience at home. It all begins with a beautiful custom tablecloth. To mark the festive season, we have expanded our damask collection this autumn with two new damask designs: Modern and Floral.

The design process
Expanding a collection with a new design kicks off with the design process. It needs to be an all-over pattern that is suitable for all shapes and sizes of tablecloths, with one design for the modern eye and one design to suit a more classic taste. The designs should match the Cottona brand: not too trendy but beautiful and understated.

Damask with woven design
When choosing the designs, we take a closer look at our target group and visualise their interiors. We also take the Cottona brand into account as well as our personal taste. If we would not buy it ourselves or if we do not like it, it will not be included in the collection. We print the chosen designs on paper in full size and cover the table with them. The size of the design, in relation to the table and the crockery, immediately tells us whether any changes are necessary or not. The same design in a small or large format makes a huge difference in terms of look and feel. Following the paper version, we then have a sample woven from raw cotton. If this sample comes out beautifully, the design can be put into production.

Custom tablecloth in damask
The new damask designs fit all custom tablecloth shapes. Whether you need an extra-large tablecloth, a round, rectangular, square, oval or a custom-made shape, you can easily order a custom tablecloth online at Cottona.

We love the new damask designs and look forward to hearing what you think of them.

Tip: order in time for Christmas! Everything is different this year due to COVID-19; delivery times can be a bit longer.

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