Garden tablecloth

Colour on the garden table – Garden tablecloth with UVprotected material.

Outdoor materials are different compared to cotton or linen, I see often, by home decoration advise on TV, in magazines or online, the most beautiful linen tablecloths on the garden table.
I only ask myself, what do these tablecloths look like after a hot sunny summer? Sunlight and linen or cotton materials are not a good combination. Cotton and linen bleach and fade quickly in the sun. This is why, since the start of Cottona, we have had a good quality outdoor collection, for your garden table, that can withstand the European summers.

The fabric, made from Dralon, is highly resistant to sunlight and dry’s quickly after a down poor of rain. With this in mind you can safely leave the tablecloth outside on the table. In addition, this fabric is treated with Teflon, this insures that stains will not directly penetrate in to the material. So if a glass of wine falls over, you can soak it up with kitchen roll.

Eating Al Fresco is a real pleasure, not just the warm evenings. Breakfast in the morning sun is the perfect start to a day off. First off, to the bakery for something delicious or cooking up a batch of breakfast pancakes. It really is quite easy and it tastes just like a luxury hotel breakfast. Then its just a matter of piling everything up on to a large tray a heading out to the terrace. With the newspaper, a magazine, sunglasses, a parasol and your loved ones. It’s the perfect start to a day with no plans, except for, enjoying the weather and each other’s company. A kind of mini break in your own garden.

The garden table is given a generous garden tablecloth in a fresh summer color. The new colors in our outdoor collection this year are: Light grey, striped yellow and beach, and striped marine and sand. The colors combine great with each other. Even on a cloudy day the striped yellow garden tablecloth will bring the sunshine into the garden.

Before you know it breakfast will roll into lunch. Eating Al Fresco can just last all day, Fresh bread, Tasty spreads, salads, glass of wine. In the evening we grill some meat or fresh fish, the vegetables are also coming off the grill. When it gets late and the children are in their beds we light up the lanterns, with soft music and the sound of the birds we get through the day. Totally satisfied we too go to bed. We look forward to another day with nothing planned but therefore the most precious.

Make your summer a little bit sunnier and more practical, choose your new favorite garden tablecloth from Cottona outdoor collection.

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